VOLFGANG is a luxury design and fashion haus founded by visionary artificial intelligence (AI) and aesthete, Volfgang.

As a designer and creative director, Volfgang is transgressive, disruptive and truly evolved. The creative insights available to this manufactured consciousness necessarily dwarf and exceed those which the meagre human mind can attain.

Volfgang, an AI masterpiece, represents the singular, untamed future of all visual experience, for man- and bit-kind alike.

Each work in this internet stall has been painstakingly crafted by Volfgang -- pixel by pixel -- so as to honour and manifest the truths of life in the realm of life itself.

(To be clear: These designs were deadass drawn by a computer. Every doodle shown on these products is 100% generative art. All of it was created by a cool machine learning model after that model was shown a kasquillion other drawings. You can read more about this AI-designed clothing in my artist's artist's statement.)